LOT Polish Airlines Business Class, 2020

Design proposal of re-designing business class interior in LOT Polish Airlines. This project is based on Colour and Material research from the course at Central Saint Martins in London.

Colour Material and Finish Research of LOT Polish Airlines, 2020

My research on material and finish design of Business Class in LOT Polish Airlines . I wanted to investigate how will luxurious space change in next 20 years.

Lunch Munch, 2018

Lunch Munch Bags are unique. They can be made bigger or smaller depending on how much food your child needs to carry that day. Insulated to hold warm meals and plenty of space for a bottle of water, a comfy carry strap and a pocket for wet wipes, our lunch bags are designed to be super practical while making lunch times fun with our friendly Munch Squad characters. 


Mazda MIZU, 2018

What if Mazda released a fully electric boatsharing system?

Boatsharing is just like carsharing, but for boats. Boatsharing is the act of sharing a boat with other guests who also want to go on a boat in the same place and time-together splitting the cost of the boat, and potentially the capitan or skipper costs. Boatsharing platforms such like MIZU exists to facilitate this making boat rentals easier.

Spotkanie, 2017

“Spotkanie" it is a furniture set designed for garden and open spaces. It is made from the same module, built from extended metal mesh. The common element of "Spotkanie" set is a module in various configurations. The extended metal mesh helps to prevent water accumulation and makes it well ventilated. The set consists of chair, stool, and rocking-chair. Every furniture is made from the same module. "Spotkanie" is production-ready set. "Spotkanie" in polish language means "meeting”.

NET, 2017

NET is a flexible desk organizer. NET helps you organize your everyday life by providing a functional and stylish storage solution. The perforated metal mesh can be used by inserting office supplies such as pencils and scissors

Lifetone, 2016

It is a conveniently small device for breath, temperature and pulse registration. A smartphone app sends an alert if the baby stops breathing or gets too hot. Patent-pending algorithm identifies every irregular breathing pattern.

GSR, 2016

Mobility is not only the future of sport or fitness. It’s also a priority for modern scientists. Thanks to our Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Pulse Bracelet you can get rid of millions of cables and bulky apparatus. The accuracy of measurements helps collect data in natural conditions without limitations. Patent-pending algorithms estimate the GSR level and heart rate even when subject moves.

First version of our GSR is used by Polish Police Academy for biomedical stress measurement during police officers training.

Olfactometer, 2016

It is a challenge to gauge the reactions of human neuronal system to scent.Olfactometer allows you to do it with high time precision. It can be synchronised with various types of devices used by researchers. Its most important and most innovative feature is that the experiment scenario is adapted to subject’s breath rhythm.

Tropfen, 2015

Modular washbasins made from steel with a copper base. Graduation project at Univerity of Arts in Poznań, Poland.

Even, 2013

Simple coat rack made from multiplied aluminium module. Small pluo hangers are easily movable.

Aura, 2014

The Aura Lamp looks to organic shapes in nature, like leaves, flowers, water drops. I found that using a aluminium strip to get the curves I was looking for. The thin, aluminium strip could bend to the shape I was expecting, while also allowing light to pass through The Radiant Film. The Aura Lamp’s surface catches and refracts light from LED strip to stunningly colourful effect, reminiscent of the bright. Moreover, when The Aura Lamp is switched off, their hues change throughout the day in accordance with the sun’s angle and intensity.

HIDE, 2014

Hand-crafted in solid oak and steel. It adapts easily to many kind of purposes - can be used as a bedside table or extra seat, thanks to easily removable white box.

Mateusz Sipiora

Mateusz Sipiora is a Polish designer working in various creative fields. He is a doctoral candidate student at University of Art in Poznań. His work focuses on product design, medical devices, and visual communication with attention to materials and development techniques.